Running Out of Road? The State of Electric Vehicles
Colleen Tufts
December 27th, 2021

On August 5, 2021, the Biden administration announced that by 2030 half of new vehicles on the market in the US will be powered by electricity. Electric vehicles represent 4% of vehicles on US roads today, so some experts wonder: can we bridge the gap?

Today, nearly 80% of the world’s energy is supplied by burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas. Every step in the process of using fossil fuels is harmful to the environment—not to mention that some research shows that our oil wells could run dry in as little as 30 years if we continue mining at our current pace. 

That’s where alternative fuel sources come in—such as hydrogen fuel or electricity—and if made widely accessible, they could end our century-long reliance upon burning gasoline to power vehicles.

Because burning fossil fuels is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, heavy investment into renewable fuel sources and infrastructure could reroute the trajectory of the climate crisis. On this episode of Tech Tmrw, Explored, take a deep dive into how electric vehicles use a page from the past to shape our future.

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