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After a decade of mobile and social, we now understand the importance of ethical tech. Founders are increasingly conscious of the impact of their actions and now they have a platform to share their views. Techlash is Hit Start Media's flagship podcast for the next generation of tech workers that are more ethically minded. Stream season  one now or subscribe to the newsletter below.
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Whether a show concept originates internally or through collaboration with a brand partner, Hit Start Media crafts every sound it makes. From conversation shows to nonficiton narrative, and every hybrid in between, we treat every project as a labor of love.

About Hit Start Media

Hit Start Media is an independent podcasting company that operates remotely in California, Washington, and New York. We create original and branded content for the technology industry, specializing both in nonfiction narrative and conversational formats. With an emphasis on high production value and incisive commentary, we take pride in thoughtful and deliberate show development. Our first series, Execute: The Story of Carta, was commissioned in 2018.

Hit Start was founded by Theo Miller, one of the original team members at Carta, a late-stage fintech startup based in San Francisco. Theo blogs for platforms like Forbes, CNBC, and Hacker Noon. He also serves as a judge for UC Berkeley’s annual entrepreneurship contest.

Theo Miller, Founder



  • Creative show development
  • Four episodes per month
  • Trailer, cover art, show notes
  • Custom guest review portal


  • Narration writing and scoring
  • Audiograms, blog posts, social
  • Podcast feed management
  • Weekly metrics


  • Executive show development
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Custom growth strategy
  • Booking and scouting

“Working with the Hit Start team has made it possible to build our podcast from the ground up. From the first brainstorm all the way up until our latest metrics sync, I've appreciated their attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism. If you’re considering launching a podcast on your own—don’t. These people are pros.”

Jessica Straus
Host of The First Close, Carta

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