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We believe we're in the middle of a transition into widespread first-party media communications; in the future, every company will have its own media network. We also believe audio is the most dynamic origin of all downstream content (i.e. blog, video, and social). We work with startups of all sizes. Want more information? Email us ›


Every production needs people—not just at the beginning, but throughout the lifecycle of a show. That's why we source crew, cast talent, and book guests. Yes, we can also lead on guest discovery when booking guests, which in effect introduces you to prospective customers.


Whether the podcast is meant to align your company internally, or amplify your brand externally, we can craft it. We tailor show formats to fit your objectives, from nonfiction to fiction, chat to narrative, and everything in between.


We specialize in quick turnarounds, routine deadlines, and making sure the machine we architect stays well-oiled. That's why we painstakingly design dynamic, multi-faceted production cycles and keep them going no matter what.


What good is a podcast that nobody listens to? If a podcast drops in the middle of the woods and no one hears it, does it even exist? We believe distribution strategy and content is a central part of the problem our clients hire us to solve!


We're a tight-knit team of seven just building the future of corporate communications and crafting some cool content in the process. We're remote-first and authentically celebrate one another's differences. Want to learn more about what it's like to be on the team? Email us ›

  • Theo Miller

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Zibbie Nwokah

    Co-founder, Head of
    Client Services

  • Olivia Lourie

    Production Manager

  • Nick Canepa

    Audio Producer

  • Matt Sasaki

    Audio Producer

  • Jared Hobbs

    Senior Software Advisor

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“Working with the Hit Start team has made it possible to build our podcast from the ground up. From the first brainstorm all the way up until our latest metrics sync, I've appreciated their attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism. If you’re considering launching a podcast on your own—don’t. These people are pros.”
Jessica Straus
The First Close
“When we sponsored Techlash, we knew the Hit Start team would deliver. They not only share our values when it comes to increasing representation in tech, they take pride in their craft and it shows. We received positive signals from our network in no time. We're looking forward to continue finding ways of working together.”

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Preventing dystopia one sci-fi story at a time

Self-driving cars, 3D-printed organs, and space tourism are no longer looming in the distant future. The future has arrived, and so has a tidal wave of innovation. The Tech Tmrw brand is our effort to make the cultural and technological dimensions of these issues more accessible to a general audience.

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