Immersive content

Blog posts and white papers are effective when you need to educate sales prospects and job candidates. That’s baseline, but how do you humanize your brand?

Podcasts have emerged as a personal medium for storytelling. Public radio supplied the foundation and now there’s an opportunity to iterate on the standard. The primary mission of Hit Start is to deliver fast-paced audio documentaries with intellectual depth and integrity. Let’s innovate together!



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Execute: The Story of Carta

Execute is an audio documentary podcast that takes you inside Carta, a 400-person startup in the heart of Silicon Valley. From the perspective of Theo Miller, a former Carta employee who started pre-launch and grew with the company for four years, Execute is an entertaining crash course for ordinary people without money or connections. Execute features interviews with Carta personnel (including extensive, intimate conversations with CEO Henry Ward), venture capitalists from firms like Union Square Ventures and Social Capital, and the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo.


App Battle

Whether you care about product design or business strategy, App Battle is a fight you won’t want to miss.



So you want to commission a podcast? It can be intimidating, but that’s why Hit Start keeps it simple. Whether you want to tell the story of your company, or an on-brand narrative to excite your customers, the creative process is streamlined. It starts with a brainstorm, pre-interviews, and a scope. From there, we can schedule as many or as few check-ins as you wish during production. And when the final product is ready, Hit Start publishes your branded content on every major platform for you to share.


SPREAD your mission

Technology can be hard to explain. Sure, you have to win a small market today, but what about your big vision pitch? Hit Start clarifies your narrative, even if you’re still in the early stages.


Target your audience

In addition to telling the history of your company, you can share a related story that’s relevant to your customers. There are plenty of fascinating real-life stories that can organically underscore the importance of your company’s mission.


Express what you believe

A framed picture of a cat hanging off a ledge doesn’t do your values justice. There’s meaning underpinning your mission. Open up. Explain why your company exists.