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How to Raise a Round
Nonfiction narrative

How to Raise a Round is Carta’s podcast about one of the most difficult parts of any startup founder’s road to success: raising money from investors. Each episode, host Josh Durst-Weisman sits down with new and veteran founders as they recount the highs and lows of raising their most memorable round. They’ll share the mistakes they made, the tips they learned, and how they navigated their unique journeys so that when you go to raise a round, you’ll know where to start.

The First Close
Enhanced chat

The First Close is Carta’s podcast about the people who are building next generation venture capital firms. We interview new voices in venture about their ambitions and challenges as they aim to redefine the industry. Carta helps VCs build enduring venture franchises, starting with fund one, and that's why we're excited to spotlight their journeys.

Enhanced chat

Techlash is an immersive chat show featuring montages, interviews, and informed opinions. Silicon Valley captured our imaginations with advances in e-commerce, mobile, and social by 2010. Ten years later, we're still grappling with the consequences of such rapid innovation. Techlash is a celebration and dissection of this complex moment in time. Sponsored by Flockjay.

Private Exchange
Internal chat

Private Exchange is an internal podcast featuring Henry Ward, the CEO of Carta. It's hosted by Hit Start founder and long-time collaborator, Theo Miller. They discuss Henry's management philosophies, business strategies, and cultural observations. Carta employees can access the show using their company email addresses.

Nonfiction narrative

Execute is a narrative podcast that takes you inside Carta. It's an entertaining crash course for ordinary people without money or connections, featuring interviews with Carta personnel (including extensive, intimate conversations with CEO Henry Ward), partners from firms like USV, and the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo.


Put down the mic and step away from the laptop

More than just production

Our team of producers is ready to crush it for you and your business.

  • From staffing the show to booking guests, your production manager ensures that your podcast has all the people it needs. Clients often center the show around an internal host, but we can cast on-air talent if necessary. We then work with your team to spotlight your contacts as guests, as well as tap into our own network, to bring as much attention to your project as possible.

  • We work closely with your team to create a differentiated show format. We cut through the crowded landscape by crafting a narrative that is authentic to your brand and addresses your strategic business interests. This is when our writers and researchers shine by delivering rich, inspired content that retains its evergreen value for years to come.

  • As part of a concise and deliberate show development process, we produce a proof of concept. Taking what we learn from that, we produce the first publishable episode with a guest. From there, we initiate a production cycle that can run as often and as long as you need. We handle all the time consuming logistics such as remote recording, editing, mixing, revisions, and ultimately guest approvals.

  • We typically recommend launching with six locked episodes and a bi-weekly publishing cadence. As awareness for the show increases, we optimize the production cycle, often ramping up to weekly distribution. Keep in mind that all the downstream content that one episode yields will be enough for a full week’s worth of content.

A week's worth of content

In addition to podcasts, we create associated content and help distribute it to make sure your story is heard.

  • 3 blog posts/episode
  • 2 shareable videos/episode
  • 10-15 social posts/episode
  • 1:1 coaching and optimization


We believe first-party media networks are the future of communications

With the rise of digital publishing, everyone can tell their own story on their own terms. But it’s difficult to attract an audience when there’s so much content out there. As a result, expensive PR firms and traditional media outlets produce secondhand narratives. It’s time to reset how we tell and share our stories.

Hit Start offers a new approach to communications by handling every step of the process. We create podcasts and other strategic first-party content for discerning audiences. We source all the necessary people, develop a show that cuts through the noise, handle all of the production tasks, and provide a treasure trove of blog, social, and video content to make sure each podcast is heard.

  • Theo Miller


  • Nick Canepa

    Audio Producer

  • Mary Kelleher

    Script Producer

  • Olivia Lourie

    Production Manager

  • Zibbie Nwokah


  • Colleen Tufts

    Content Marketing

Backed by

“Working with the Hit Start team has made it possible to build our podcast from the ground up. From the first brainstorm all the way up until our latest metrics sync, I've appreciated their attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism. If you’re considering launching a podcast on your own—don’t. These people are pros.”

Jessica Straus
The First Close

“When we sponsored Techlash, we knew the Hit Start team would deliver. They not only share our values when it comes to increasing representation in tech, they take pride in their craft and it shows. We received positive signals from our network in no time. We're looking forward to continue finding ways of working together.”

Shaan Hathiramani

Hit Start's flagship podcast

A lifestyle brand for the next generation of tech workers who are more ethically minded

After a decade of mobile and social, we now understand the importance of ethical tech. Founders are increasingly conscious of the impact of their actions and now they have a platform to share their views. Techlash is Hit Start Media's flagship podcast for the next generation of tech workers that are more ethically minded. Stream season one now or subscribe to the newsletter below.

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