Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Learning
Colleen Tufts
May 6th, 2022

Teaching machines to think has long been a goal of computer scientists and a mainstay in sci-fi stories. We’ve done our best with artificial intelligence (AI), which relies on feeding computers large amounts of data and finding more precise solutions. But what if computers had their own logic?

Artificial general intelligence is the idea that computers will be able to learn as humans do–and solve complex problems with nuanced solutions in the near future. This technology would unlock the ability to solve troubling puzzles like quantum physics. But with computers that can learn and understand, where does that leave humans–and the value of our thoughts? 

Tech Tmrw host Theo Miller sits down with Forethought co-founder and CEO Deon Nicholas to unpack the future of AI, self-driving cars, and productivity in this episode of Tech Tmrw.

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